SHERYL FLYNN, R.C. has twenty years clinical experience in the weight loss field. She began her career with Weight Loss Clinics of America, overseeing seven clinics in Missouri. Sheryl traveled to Boston, Chicago and Seattle for training in behavioral and lifestyle changes which has served as the foundation for the Solutions Weight Loss Clinic program.

As a key note speaker, Sheryl has had extensive opportunity to teach these concepts within clinics and at conventions across the country. Eating disorders, self image and self confidence are topics Sheryl has addressed.

Her passion and desire to assist clients with their weight loss journey, locally and nationally, led Sheryl to open Solutions Weight Loss Clinic in September of 2004.

Sheryl’s belief in a nutritionally sound approach to weight loss, paired with positive lifestyle changes, has earned the recommendation of many area physicians who have seen the excellent results the Solutions program brings.

Sheryl is available for speaking engagements and seminars.

A Message From the Founder –

These last nineteen years I have felt extremely honored to be part of your weight loss dreams and goals of permanent weight maintenance.

The path we have traveled together has been filled with learning, tears and laughter. The precious successes by so many clients after previous failures is truly inspiring.

Each day in the clinic presents a new experience strengthening my belief in your ability to succeed.

Together we will take each and every step needed to turn the goals you once thought were impossible into reality.

Sheryl Flynn

2 Responses to About

  1. Debbie Keese says:

    Nice blog. I look forward to reading all the interesting and useful info still to come. Can you say “Seabrook” lol

    • Seabrook! The retreat to Seabrook with you and nine other very fortunate Solutions clients was lovely. To have the opportunity to cook for you utilizing delicious, whole food recipes from the Solutions program was so much fun and as much a treat for the staff as it was for you ladies.
      I was thrilled that you all had the opportunity to come together sharing the stories of your experiences with other Solutions clients into the wee hours of the morning.

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