Physician Recommendations

We have healthcare professionals from surrounding medical practices, as well as, from Providence St. Peter Hospital in Olympia and Centralia participating in our program.

We are a Provider for Life Balance.

“The Solutions program has really helped me to maintain my weight loss.”
-Jan Ottenfeld, LMHT

“I have found Sheryl to be extraordinarily successful in helping patients. All the motivated patients that I have referred to her have been able to achieve significant weight loss success through their interactions with Sheryl.”
-Bill Gavin, MD author of No White at Night

“I refer many of my patients to Solutions Weight Loss Clinic with complete confidence in their team.”
– Robert Provasoli, D.C.

“Solutions offers a well-balanced realistic nutrition plan that really works.”
– Dr. Lampert, MD

“I enthusiastically endorse the Solutions program. It teaches and supports clients to find solutions to permanent weight loss and new healthy perceptions about their relationship to food. Solutions has been working with clients for 19 years and works closely with local medical providers.”
– Sandra Ford Schenkar, LICW Mental Health Therapist

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