The Solutions Program

The Solutions program supports men,  women and teens in the area of safe, effective and permanent weight loss. Nineteen years of experience and the most current information has gone into the development of the program. Local medical professionals recommend and participate in the Solutions program. You can choose the program with complete confidence.

 Phase I:  Weight Loss

Clients work directly with a skilled consultant. A healthy nutritional plan makes the program safe and effective for all clients. Positive lifestyle and behavioral changes are taught resulting in long term success. Current weight, age, activity level and health history are considered when designing a program resulting in a perfect fit for your successful outcome.

 Phase II:  Stabilization

 Once the weight loss goal is met, assistance through a period of Stabilization is provided to help the body adapt to increased calories which ensures long term weight maintenance.

 Phase III:  Maintenance

 The Solutions program offers the most effective weight maintenance plan available. Each program includes a full year of follow up visits. These visits are designed to strengthen new lifestyle habits that have been learned. Additional maintenance is available if desired.

Call us for a complementary consultation (360) 754-6224.

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